We worked with Refinitiv, a global provider of financial markets data and infrastructure, to deliver Product Studio II, a business critical application that helps manage third-party content.

23 October 2019

We worked closely with Refinitiv to deliver Product Studio II, a business critical application that helps manage third-party content, from sourcing and on-boarding through to content packaging and delivery. Product Studio II extracts, transforms and loads information from multiple sources across the Refinitiv business and provides a unique window into the business product catalogue.

Product Studio II allows users to examine the service components of Refinitiv's products and all the constructs that support a product's entitlement and permissioning, as well as the content items (such as Reuters Instrument Codes or RICs) that comprise a product or service.

Primary use cases of Product Studio II include providing Refinitiv's content owners the ability to identify which RICs are mapped to specific resource groups (such as Permissionable Entities or PEs) and service packages (such as Product Definition Pages or PDPs).


Going forward, Product Studio II will play a key role in the transformation of content-related business processes, particularly in the consolidation, discovery and analysis of commercial rights and obligations.

Product Studio II is one of the first business critical applications that Refinitiv has deployed to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud. AWS technologies used include:

  • AWS Lambda (to run .NET Core C# code without provisioning or managing servers)
  • AWS Step Functions (to coordinate multiple AWS services into serverless workflows)
  • Amazon S3 (to store and retrieve data)
  • Amazon RDS (to master data in Amazon Aurora relational database)
  • AWS Elastic Beanstalk (to deploy and scale web applications)
  • AWS Batch (to extract, transform and load data and run batch computing jobs)
  • Amazon Kinesis (to collect, process and analyze data streams in real time)
  • Amazon Route 53 (to translate domain names to numeric IP addresses)
  • AWS CloudFormation (to describe and provision infrastructure resources)

The use of AWS increased agility by shortening build, test and deployment times and decreased costs, as charges are incurred only for CPU cycles, storage and bandwidth consumed.

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