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Riverside CMS v0.2 has been released. Find out more about the new features.

18 May 2019

This weekend, we have successfully deployed the latest version (0.2) of Riverside Content Management System (CMS) to all of our production websites. Riverside CMS is currently undergoing a major re-engineering that will place RESTful APIs at the heart of the system. We have already implemented read only APIs for the retrieval of CMS content and are making good progress with the implementation of APIs for authentication, authorisation and content administration. The following new functionality can be found in the latest v0.2 release of Riverside CMS:

  • Robots exclusion standard (robots.txt) to improve SEO
  • Sitemap (sitemap.xml) to improve SEO
  • Google site verification tag
  • Default page titles updated to improve SEO
  • Basic APIs for authentication and authorisation
  • Build out of API driven CMS admin portal
  • Admin of page attributes (name, description etc.)
  • Admin of HTML elements (content comprising text and images)

All sites hosted on Riverside CMS will benefit from the SEO and other functional improvements listed above. If you have any questions about Riverside CMS, please get in touch.

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